A company abstract

Operation January, 1995
Esttablishment May, 1995
Capital 30,000,000yen
11number of enplyees
Enterprise conternt Non-iron an steel cutting processing
URL http://www.ysc-t.com
Mail kanri@ysc-t.com


Mey,1995s The Yokohama Slitter Co.,Ltd.establishment
Capital 26,000,000yen
June,1995s 650width Slitter line intrduction
Ceiling traveling crane(5t,2.8t)introduction
March,1996s 1250 width shirring introduction
May, 1996s Production control system introduction
July, 1996s 750widh Leveller line introduction
April, 1997s 3060width shirring introduction
May, 1999s Board Bali final performance abrasion introduction
March, 2000s 150width Slitter line introduction
January, 2001s Office administration system introduction
February, 2001s Overseas office establishment
May, 2001s 3045width shirring introduction
December, 2001s 650width Slitter line introduction
October, 2002s CYS CO.,LTD establishment (overseasCEBU)
March, 2004 automatic solid warehouse establishment
June, 2004 1260width shirring (NC-FGauutomechanism) introduction
September, 2004 clamp press coil cut line (TP-15C) introduction
September, 2004 clear water drink factory completion (overseasCEBU)
November, 2004 drinking water sales store opening (CEBU CITY)
March, 2005 150-CC line introduction
March, 2005 Capital 30,000,000yen
February, 2009 Sales management system introduction
May, 2009 Drinking water store opening
Opening money 1,000,000Yen
September, 2009 Eatingand drinking strore opening (CEBU CITY)
Opening money 2,000,000Yen
January, 2010 Sauna store closing
March, 2010 Quality inspection room opening
September, 2017 Overseas offices closed

A factory abstract

Factory plottage 1,500m2
Factory area 1,100m2
Office 105m2
Apublic welfare institution 230m2
Parking lot 250m2

A facility abstract

◆main facility
Two Slitter Lines
One Leveller Lines
One board Bali final performance abrasion machines
One 1260width shirring
One 3060width shirring

◆an affiliated machine
One coil turning over machine
One coil packing machines
Two meters
Three compressors
One automatic solid warehouse
One Phper Suga Cutting Machine

◆transportation cargo work facility
One ceiling crane(5t)
One ceiling crane(2.8t)
A motor car 1 car

◆electricity facility
Trans volume 180kvw

◆peservation facility
Ray crime prevention management

◆Fire Equipment

Enterprise Permission book
Appointment factory enterprise start report handwriting permission number0230.

Specification institution establishment report handwriting(noise-control regulations) permission number2088.

The specification institution establishemnt report handwriting(vibration regulation law)permission number2089.